About Rotary Nahariya

Rotary Nahariya was founded in 1952 and was the fourth club formed in Israel, after Rotary Jerusalem, Rotary Haifa and Rotary Tel Aviv. Today there are over 60 clubs in Israel and more than 1400 members.
At the time of founding, Rotary was a men’s only organization, in 1986 members’ wives formed their club known as the “Inner Wheel.” The two clubs perform various joint social activities, and activities for the benefit of our local community. Today Rotary Nahariya has 52 members.
Rotary Nahariya is a club of professionals. Each club acts to include within it members from the varied types of professions. Important qualities in accepting a member are: fairness, excellence, willingness to provide time for social activities of the club and willingness to provide time for community welfare activities.
Rotary Nahariya’s activities fall under several categories of Avenues of Service: Club – acting to ensure proper functioning of the club both socially and structurally; Youth Services; International Services; and the most important Community Services. The Club is governed by its leadership, elected each year in rotation - president, secretary, treasurer, director of avenues of service, as well as other leadership positions.
For financial backing of its activities Rotary Nahariya collects member dues and our (not for profit organization) “Rotary Nahariya Club Fund” governed by all the relevant regulations and operating under the supervision of the relevant government agencies and supervised by certified auditor. Our accounts are open for inspection and scrutiny by any interested party or donor body.
“Rotary Nahariya Club Fund” raises money through donations and special events. In 2009, we organized a performance of “Not Over” featuring Yair Lapid, Rami Kleinstein and Tamir Harpaz.
 A sample of Club activities in the past and present

  • Scholarships for outstanding students and students in need of assistance
  • Fun Day for children sick with cancer and their parents
  • Dental treatment provided by dentists in Nahariya volunteering their services
  • Purchase of school books for students in need of assistance
  • Distribution of Passover food baskets to needy families, publication of history of Nahariya
  • Raising moneys for preserving the Water Tower, in danger of collapse. Nahariya Municipality eventually joined the effort and raised sufficient funds to convert the Water Tower to a Cultural cornerstone of the city.
  • Financial assistance to students travelling to the important march in Poland.
  • Publication of the popular telephone guide for Nahariya (before the publication of such books was common)
  • Support of children sports clubs by equipment purchases
  • Purchase of the first Dialysis kits at Nahariya hospital
  • Club members were the founders of Magen David Adom in Nahariya
  • And many other things 
  • (our email is - gavrilazar@gmail.com)
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